(Male Breast Correction) Inspiring Confidence.

Gynecomastia is a condition in of benign excessive breast development in males. It is also called as man boobs or “Moobs”. It can be a just little conical protrusion called puffy nipple to fully developed breast like a female, to severely enlarged gynecomastia. Mostly it is bilateral but can be unilaeral or asymmetrical also. The incidence of excess breast tissue is 25% among men; more recent studies have reported an overall incidence of 32% to 36%, and 64.6% in adolescent boys.

The feel of having a feminine look might disrupt one’s self-esteem. It often put one in a very embarrassing situation and can harm the quality of life. No wonder gynecomastia is the commonest cosmetic surgery today. Now Gynecomastia surgery is done by liposuction in combination with gland excision as a day-care procedure. It results in permanent correction of gynecomastia It gives scarless recovery and avoids any telltale sign of surgery.

Who is it for?

Any physically fit male who has significantly large breasts, enough to embarrass him is a candidate for surgical correction. Male breasts could be mild, moderate or severe. Mild breasts usually have a glandular structure under the skin, made up of fat and fibrous tissue. There is usually no excess of skin. In moderate breasts, along with the gland, there is some excess of skin, which can contract after the gland is removed. In severe gynaecomastia, the excess skin may have to be renmoved as well.

What is Gynecomastia?

The traditional technique of removing Gynaecomastia was through a cut under the breast or nipple. This technique has a higher risk of complications such as scarring, inversion of nipple, tethering and saucerisation. Hence we use the more modern scarless technique using Power Assisted Liposuction. Through a tiny keyhole we suck the fat and majority of the glandular part of the breast from under the nipple. If the breasts are fatty, it is possible to get rid of the breast gland by liposuction alone.

Power assisted Liposuction is preferred as male breasts are more fibrous. This way, apart from a few access ports of less than half a centimeter in size, no other marks are left. It is possible to remove all the fat and leave an even chest. The excess skin contracts in the next six weeks. If the breasts are more fibrous and nodular or if a small nodule is left behind after liposuction, then through a small infra-areolar incision the residual nodule is removed.

The kind of anaesthesia required usually for the procedure would be local anaesthesia with conscious sedation for improved comfort, yet it is possible to do it under General anaesthetic as well. At Yuva Aesthetics, Patiala we use the modern technique of scarless gynecomastia correction using Power Assisted Liposuction. We offer a “Hi-def” chest contouring to give a more muscular and masculine look.

Benefits of Gynecomastia correction

  • Renewed self-confidence.
  • Permanent results.
  • No scars
  • Better toned body shape and more masculine figure.