A Beautiful Nose Compliments Your face.

Every individual has their own identity and the way they look. Facial features play a major role in self-identity. Being a central feature of the face, the nose plays a vital role in self-esteem, besides breathing function. Nose in harmony with face increases facial attractiveness manifold.You do not have to live your entire life with the deformed nasal structure, cosmetic rhinoplasty can give you a natural looking nose that transformed your look and boosts confidence.

Who is it for ?

  • A girl should be above 16 years and boy should be above 18 years and the nose is fully developed.
  • When you are physically fit.
  • When you have realistic expectations from the Rhinoplasty.
  • Various nasal deformities like Humped nose, saddle nose, depressed nose, flat nose, wide nose, wide tip, boxy tip, deviated, crooked nose, short nose or long nose, can be corrected.
  • When the size and shape of your nose as above mentioned is not proportionate to your overall facial features and you expect a more balanced look.
  • When you suffer from breathing problems due to some birth defects, i.e., deviated septum.

What is Rhinoplasty or Nose Job?

Rhinoplasty is a surgical process to enhance the function of the nose or to improve its shape and size.
Rhinoplasty is done through newer technique of open approach as it gives better exposure and precise correction of nasal structure under vision. In this technique, the incisions are made inside the nostril and on the underside of the nose.
Modulation of the nasal structure is done primarily with suture, in addition to graft and strong support creation, or excision of cartilage is done if needed as a last resort. The bony base is modified with osteotomy. Septoplasty and other nasal work take care of air passage. The skin is sutured back with the hair-thin suture material. This heals very well and the scar is not visible in long run.

Benefits of Rhinoplasty

  • It can improve breathing.
  • It can boost your confidence.
  • It can give a proportionate nose to complement your looks.
  • It can correct the existing nasal deformities.