Tattoo Removal

Small Changes that Make big Difference.

Tattoo Removal is a process of eliminating tattoos from the body parts with the use of different techniques and tools. People can get rid of permanent tattoos by Non-surgical and Surgical methods.

Non-surgical methods

Laser is the most popular non-surgical method for Tattoo removal.
The Procedure for Laser Tattoo removal includes:

  1. A tattoo is a combination of thousands of ink particles. Firstly laser breaks down the ink particles into many smaller divisions, later tattoo disappears.
  2. Cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists target the area directly and hit the laser in that particular area to distort the particles and after the process, the tattoo will begin to disappear.
  3. While getting tattooed, the skin forms different layers. Due to this formation of multiple layers, the candidate has to go for multiple treatments to exterminate the tattoo.
  4. After few procedures, the tattoo starts fading with the normal visibility of marks.
  5. In this whole process, the patientcan see the changes on the skin surface and finally the freedom from the tattoo.


  1. People can get rid of their unwanted tattoos without having scars on the skin.
  2. Patients can get partial or entire tattoo removal. They can get the desired treatment for their inked part as they wish.
  3. Laser treatment is the safest procedure to remove the tattoos.

Surgical Methods

The onestep quickfix method to get rid of tattoo permanently in single surgical sitting. The technique of surgery depends upon the size and shape of the tattoo. It can be done in two ways:

  1. Excision of the tattoo and primary closure of the wound by suturing. This method is applicable for tattoos which are narrower in width and are amenable for closure. It leaves a scar over the suture line which eventually fades with time.
  2. Excision of tattoo and skin grafting. This method is applicable for wider tattoos which can not be closed primarily. It requires either a full thickness or a split thickness skin graft according to the size of the wound.

Benefits of Tattoo removal by Surgical Method

  1. Get rid of tattoo in single sitting.
  2. Sure shot method.
  3. Day care procedure.

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